Smart Communication for Your Cannabis Business

Marijuana Marketing & Public Relations
That’s Us.

We’re a multifaceted, women-owned integrated communication agency serving cannabis businesses. We offer marketing, public relations, brand development, content creation, design, social media and web development for cannabis businesses and ancillary companies.

If you want to launch a new marijuana business or grow an existing one with proven strategic communication, we’d love to help you make it happen.

Why Choose Canna Communication?

We are one of Michigan’s first communication firms exclusive to the cannabis industry. Owner Roberta King opted out of a traditional job and opted into cannabis in the challenging and changing Michigan market.

We get your marijuana business. When working with Canna Communication, there are no values-based questions and no learning curve.

We’re based in West Michigan, but serve clients across the state and beyond.

We offer highly personalized service to our clients and take ownership of the work we do. Our work is top quality and the client’s needs and interest come first.

Our portfolio of integrated marijuana communication includes media placement, website content creation, special event planning, direct digital communication, cannabis advocacy, video and photography and design.

Our Cannabis Values

We believe that marijuana is a natural, therapeutic plant and all adults who need or want it, deserve access. We believe that it can help heal, that it brings people together and is an economic driver that is good for communities across America. We respect the history of cannabis and the struggles of people to grow, sell and make a living from this plant.

We believe the market should determine how many cannabis businesses exist in any community.

We believe that cannabis should be legal for both medicine and personal wellness.

Where You’ll See Our Clients

We’ve been successful in placing our clients into the media as sources and for stories. We’d love to help amplify your message.