Branding is one of the most important aspects of your cannabis business—whether you’re large, small, retail or business to business (B2B).

A great branding strategy will put you ahead in a competitive marijuana market.

what is a marijuana brand?

Quite simply, your brand is your promise to your customer. It’s how you walk the talk, from your website to how your company phones are answered, your voice on social media, your budtenders knowledge or the design of your packaging.  Every time someone interacts with your brand they will feel something—their expectations will either be met or unmet based on the execution of your brand.

Your brand is not just a logo, advertising, corporate identity or marketing collateral. It is your company’s personality. It’s your confidence, passion, action, voice, and set of values that make your company unique. Your brand will resonate with audiences in an emotive way—and you want them to feel only good vibes.

Think of brands that exist in your life and those you are love, respect and always loyal to. A company’s brand is the reason you buy one product over another, even though the two products are practically identical. You might even choose the more expensive brand because it resonates with you or makes you feel a certain way.

what do you want customers to feel?

So, what is your unique story, your vision, values and core beliefs?  What do you want consumers to feel when they think of your brand?

Your brand essence is what you want people to know and believe about you. And you build this through ongoing strategic and integrated communication.

We’re here to help you create and deliver a brand that will help you grow your cannabis business. Let’s talk!