Now that you have a great cannabis product, how will you position, promote and sell it? This is where a marketing plan comes into play.

who will you market your marijuana business to?

It’s always good to start with your audience in mind. Who will be purchasing your product? Consider demographics like age, geography and income. Also think of psychographics, things like opinions, values and lifestyles. Having a good grasp on who you are marketing your cannabis business to will help you refine your message and choose the best communication channels for reaching your audience.

check out the competitive landscape

Explore the market and do your research. Who’s your competition and what’s your edge? Identify your company’s unique features. To help with this process try completing a good ole fashioned SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.

identify your marijuana marketing strategy

Now that you know who you are marketing to and what makes your marijuana business different from your competition, how will you reach your audience? What tools do you need? Think of word of mouth, in person, print and digital methods to reach your target audience. Also, consider your budget. What resources do you have set aside to achieve this?

Canna Communication offers a simple, interactive process for creating a marketing plan for your cannabis business. Ready to learn more? Let’s talk!