yes, you need a website for your cannabis business

An interactive, responsive and well-designed website is essential for any cannabis business. Whether you are growing, provisioning, testing, transporting or processing, people will search for you on the web first.

Think of the internet as an ecosystem. Your website is the center of everything. It’s vital to your brand and your image. Those things that are connected—social media sites and email marketing for instance—are secondary to your website. Your website is a home base for your content.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your site.

Secure a good .com URL

There are others available, but .com is still the most common. In all likelihood, your desired domain is taken. By simply adding a word to the front or back of the name is a great way to get what you want. Just make sure it makes sense!

Make sure your site is responsive

This means it needs to be easily viewable and usable regardless of the device it is being viewed on, smartphone, tablet or laptop. Your website needs to adapt in size and scale to any device a user might have.

Make it user-friendly

Usability has always been critical to a successful website. That means people can easily find what they’re looking for and there are no distractions or functions that cause them to leave your site.

offer Great content

Content and social media integration add depth to the conversation between your site and your audience. Content is vital to search engine optimization (SEO) and presenting your audience with new information on a regular basis will help your site be more easily found.


Whenever possible, use original photography on your site. This might require the services of a professional photographer to get the fresh and candid images that capture the essence of your business.

Creating a website and its content is a strategic communication effort and involves ongoing work. We’re here to help you think through design, development and ongoing content creation. Let’s talk!