Public Relations

pr and marijuana

Public relations is a powerful force for launching and growing a cannabis business. We believe it the most important part of comprehensive communication strategy. With restrictions on marketing and advertising for cannabis businesses in many states, and with Twitter, Facebook and Google being unfriendly to cannabis, PR is a solid option for getting the word out about your business.

There are two aspects of public relations that can’t be ignored—public and relations.

Let’s talk about the public. It’s important to keep in mind that there is no general public. Audiences can be divided and dissected in a variety of ways.

Gender, geography, income, age and generation are common demographics markers. When you think of your audience, it’s sometimes helpful to use data and information you already know.

Can you give your audience segment a name, age and other personal attributes? You can use this persona to create a picture of your ideal prospective customer.

The relations part is about education, messaging and persuasion. It’s about listening to what people are saying, reacting, reinforcing or reviewing messages and providing continuous information that helps move your cause, effort or business forward.

Public relations messaging can be done on your website, through social media and broadly with the media.

stop the hate: educate people about marijuana

Cannabis businesses and advocates must constantly educate and inform their audiences. We’re doing double duty: talking about the efficacy of cannabis as medicine AND debunking Nixon-era lies at the same time. We will, for the near future be educating people about the plant and the legitimacy of our business.

crisis planning for marijuana businesses

Crisis communication isn’t something that any company wants to think about. We get that. But those companies that navigate a crisis well have a better chance of surviving, especially where public opinion is in play.

Knowing what your potential crises are, how you’ll assess a situation and how to best react to a crisis will help you remain calm, respond quickly and be professional if something bad happens.

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