New and fresh content drives traffic to your website, it makes people come back for more and is the gasoline for SEO or search engine optimization. Content is comprised of the words, videos and images that you put on your website and continue to refresh on a regular basis.

Good content is a huge part of strategic communication and while you’re ultimately selling something, like cannabis or a cannabis service, you’re also helping people understand the motivation for your business. It helps build customer trust, it’s how you show people you know what you’re talking about.

examples of cannabis content

Let’s say you’re a cannabis grower, here are some ideas.

  • Well executed images of your plants and growing area.
  • Information about your growing philosophy.
  • A video tour of your growing operation.
  • Descriptive paragraphs about the strains you offer.
  • Strategic testimonials from your customers, in writing or video.
  • Writing about why your operation is different from others.
  • Links to media stories about you and your business.
  • Blog posts about your operations and plants.

you are content, too

Content is also about YOU. Your biography, vision and your views on an issue or topic are excellent ways to add depth to your website. On any website, one of the top 10 most trafficked areas is the about/people section. People want to see who they’re buying from or working with. You can provide this via a written narrative, through a video or with a photo slideshow.

What you provide on your website needs to be relevant, new and of interest to your audience. Make sure to use appropriate hashtags, key words and long tail keywords as well as alternative text on photos to tweak your content for searchability.