What you know and how you present your case for medical marijuana is important for businesses seeking to establish themselves in a community. It’s also important to understand and respond with clarity to the reservations people have about the plant.

Cannabis advocacy is education.

We have helped clients with presentations to their local municipalities and often attend meetings to address cannabis issues that are being discussed. We also helped move voters to YES in a rural township. Here’s the case study on that effort.

Here are some things we ask our clients to do when reaching out to elected officials:

  • Be informed and know the facts about medical marijuana. Use up-to-date and legitimate sources.
  • Tell your story well—share why this issue matters to you and how their action will affect you. Make it as personal as you are comfortable.
  • Look for a connection point with the people you’re presenting to–what’s in it for them and what’s your common ground. Consider their perspective as you plan what you’ll say.
  • Practice what you plan to say, if you’re presenting in front of a commission or council, write down your thoughts and if need be, read what you’ve written.
  • Engage allies in your cause—more voices are better than one.
  • Be clear about what you want and the action you want them to take.
  • Be prepared for pushback and follow up questions. When you’ve made prepared responses to a multitude of possible questions, you’ll feel better about the conversation you’re having.

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