quality design in marijuana makes a difference

It takes less than a second for a customer to form an opinion about your product based on what they first see. This means that your product on the shelf in a provisioning center; your logo, website, social media site and marketing collateral must be able to spark a positive reaction before a customer has time to even think.

High-quality design strategically uses typefaces, color, imagery, illustration and mood across marketing communication platforms to reiterate a positive message about your brand.

Your cannabis brand is built starting with a well-designed outward appearance that appeals to a first-time or experienced customer. It’s vital to the success of your cannabis business that you understand how people see and react to products that you produce and bring to market.

good design is good business.

Our designers come from diverse industries and cultural backgrounds, bringing a unique perspective to every project.

  • They are experienced in creating a distinctive cannabis business logos and ancillary products that provide you with the opportunity to stand out in a crowded market.
  • Great design allows you to stay true to your brand promise. For example, if you brand yourself as an environmentally conscious company, the paper you print on and your packaging needs to be produced in a sustainable manner. This across the board integration builds a brand that people will respect and are attracted to.
  • Professional, experienced designers understand the long list of regulations specific to the cannabis industry and can create packaging for your product.
  • Inspired product labeling, appealing and safe packaging and smart website design will make you stand out from your competitors and helps communicate your brand in an emotive and powerful way.

We can assist you to understand your customer’s needs and wants more deeply, as we create and deliver value for your growing cannabis business. Let’s talk!