Social Media

making new friends in the marijuana world

We know that the majority of consumers use social media to make purchase decisions. When it comes to products (and services for that matter), consumers want to know what others are saying, thinking and experiencing. Likewise, we want to help our friends. Social media provides a fast and efficient way to research and tell others about our experiences.

Think about your audience

Who is your audience? Are they medical marijuana patients or adults looking to relax? Picture a few ideal customers in your mind. Who are they? How old are they? How do they make a living? What do they believe in? How do they access social media?  What are they in to? What platforms do they use and for what?

Psychographics matter more than just demographics.

select the right platforms for your marijuana business

You do not have to have a presence on every single social channel, but you do need to have a solid presence on the ones that matter. Better to be awesome at a couple of things than mediocre at every possible platform.

Pick the right platforms for your product and your audience. No sense in curating something amazing if that’s not where your people are.

Post at the right time

Since your audience is still fresh in your mind, think about when they are using social media. Hint: it likely won’t be at a convenient time for you. Most interaction takes place over the lunch hour and in the evening. You need to post when your users are online, not during your work hours. Schedule posts if necessary.  Just be sure you are always monitoring it. Replying and interacting with your audience matters. A LOT.

Provide good quality content

Think about what makes you tell people about something you saw on the Internet? Typically you share because something was funny, entertaining or helpful. The same should go for your content. Make people feel something and they will share it. Consider, what is relevant to the audience?  What is in it for them?

We also suggest tapping into the moment whenever possible. By that we mean, what’s happening in current events and how does it relate to your business? Use that to keep your social feed fresh and relevant.

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