Business Planning

someone writing with a pen and paper to illustrate marijuana microbusiness communication plan

Writing a business plan for your cannabis business isn’t difficult. It requires research, following a standard structure, using a combination of narrative, detailed financial information and spreadsheets and supplementary documents. A plan is used as a guide, a roadmap for your business in the startup phase and should remain relevant as it grows.

seeking a marijuana business license?

A comprehensive business plan is a required document for licensing in most states, including our home state of Michigan. If you are seeking investors, they’ll want to review the highlights of your plan via a pitch deck.

A cannabis business plan includes a marketing plan, it exists inside the main plan or can stand alone as an attachment. Much of the information in the business plan informs the marketing plan and vice versa. In this area, we help you discover your competition, strengths, weaknesses and define your market advantage.

what to expect when working with us

Canna Communication’s process of creating a business plan involves a discovery meeting to establish a vision for the cannabis business you are creating and where growth opportunities exist. It also involves a thorough review of your financial projections. Our financial partner validates the numbers, evaluates profit and loss and ensures that the expectations for growth, incomes and expenses add up.