Marijuana Events

Citizens of Michigan voted for Prop 1 which legalized recreational cannabis in 2018. One aspect of the new law was the creation of temporary marijuana consumption events. Any city, village or township that has opted-in for recreational marijuana may also opt-in for temporary marijuana events. Before you jump into planning your marijuana event, you’ll need to work with a licensed marijuana event organizer (MEO). Roberta F. King, founder of Canna Communication holds an MEO license and has decades of experience in event planning. 

marijuana event details

A marijuana consumption event can be a one-day festival or it can last up to seven days. It can be part of an existing event or a stand-alone event. The licensing paperwork requires working with your local municipality—usually the fire marshall, planning department and police as well as a few dozen other important details like vendors, admission and tickets, security, insurance, waste management, marketing, signage, parking and more. We have the checklists and plans for marijuana consumption events to make sure your event is safe, successful and fun!

who can do a marijuana event?

Events can be sponsored by a cannabis business—like a provisioning center or grower or by an individual who has experience executing festivals or events—but it can’t be done without a licensed marijuana event organizer. And that’s where we come in. We’ll be your partner and your applicant—with you from start to finish. The State of Michigan requires a $1000 fee to license a marijuana consumption event and there are additional costs as well that we can help you plan for and explore.

beyond 420

A marijuana consumption event can be anything you dream it to be—a small, intimate gathering for people to try and test your new cannabis products to a music festival with live music and entertainment. Let us help you think about how a marijuana consumption event can build your brand.