A Kid in a Candy (Cannabis) Shop

Oh my aching knee. Sorry about a cliche in a headline and in the first sentence. But there is an aching knee and my first trip to a dispensary was resulted in a whole lot of gram packages of cannabis and a few edibles.
I received my Michigan Medical Marihuana card for some chronic pain in my left knee from running. I’ve been running for more than 30 years and two years ago I injured my knee and despite cortisone injections and PT (which I still do) the knee just aches. Instead of continuing to down Ibuprofen a few times a day I opted to try MMJ.

With license in hand, I headed to Lansing to check out a few shops and buy some meds. I used Leafly for a reference and while I needed cannabis for my knee, I also wanted something that helped with upping my mood, which is affected by West Michigan’s cloud-laden winters.
I came home with a bunch of great things (see the photos) to test.
Perhaps, my eyes were bigger than my head–I feel like I’ll just be smoking and eating until July. It seems like a lot of cannabis!

I’m mostly in love with a strain called Monkey Paw, according to Leafly, it’s a strain that was created in Michigan and is from Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold sativa with some Afghani indica. It’s balanced for the pain in my knee and helps with the mood, too. I’ve tried a few others, too, b ut this one calls to me every time.

I’m testing out lots of edibles, too. The MotorCity Cannabites bars are very tasty, but almost too powerful. I’ve been working on a cherry chocolate brownie for a couple of weeks. I want to use one of the infused gummies instead of a Gu at my next race–that should keep my mind off of my aching knee right?