Cannabis by Any Other Name

Marijuana. Weed. Pot. Ganja. Kind. Mary Jane. Grass. Reefer. Dank. Smoke. Dope. Bud. Chronic. Flower.

Everyone has a favorite word for cannabis. A word choice might come from your generation, your culture or from the point in time that you first enjoyed, or heard someone else refer to it.

At Canna Communication, we’ve purposefully selected cannabis as our word of choice, for our company and in our communication on social media. While slang is a part of our common language, and we use any or all of the words in conversation or when partaking—for work—we stick to cannabis. We do this to be clear about the business we’re in; we purposefully do this to elevate the plant by its most scientific name. Cannabis is the genus for the flowering plant in the family of Cannabacae, by the way!

Cannabis as Serious Medicine

We believe that it is important to dignify the plant with a scientific name—it gives the appropriate importance to its vital healing power. Cannabis has amazing properties that the general public is just now beginning to understand. CBDs have healing and behavior health properties that are changing people lives. Children with autism who are chronically engaged in self-harm are finding relief and calm where no other medicine could help. A growing number of cancer patients use cannabis to help relieve nausea and increase their appetite, though the traditional medical cancer sources all call for more science on efficacy. Though with cancer at at the top of the checklist for most medical applications, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence of its use. Across the country in 29 states, physicians are recommending it for a variety of symptoms and conditions—and each state varies widely on what they recommend it for.

Cannabis for Wellness

People consume cannabis for relaxation, to help them be more social, to reduce anxiety, to unlock creativity and just because it makes them happy. In the end, isn’t being a happy person reason enough? We wear certain clothes, travel to special places, eat favorite foods and surround ourselves with special people because it makes us happy. Enjoying cannabis is no different. That’s why we believe the end of prohibition of cannabis will be good for all people who choose to use it.

Perhaps as a culture, we need to “get over” the idea the being happy isn’t something we all deserve and sometimes we need a boost, from a plant to make it happen. That’s what wellness is all about.

We heard cannabis pioneer Steven DeAngelo speak recently via Green Flower Media and we couldn’t help but cheer his wise words. Like him, we believe that cannabis has the power to change the world for the better—no matter the reason you use it or what name you give it.